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Cameroon – Football: Why does Cameroon prefer to play its friendly matches in Europe?

The reasons for this choice are economic issues and the fact that most players are abroad.

In its edition of 31 March 2017 the daily Mutations questions the choice carried almost all the time by Cameroon to play its friendly matches in Europe. The newspaper recalls that on March 24 and March 28, 2017, it was beyond our borders that the indomitable Lions played their games. The first against the Eagles of Carthage was played at Monsatir in Tunisia. The second was held in Brussels, Belgium. The Lions then played against Syli National of Guinea. To these examples it is necessary to add that the national selection of football of Cameroon in Fifa calender has regularly disputed friendly matches abroad.

According to André Nguidjol coordinator of the national teams in Cameroon, it is the financial reasons that guide this choice.

Most of our friendly matches are played in Europe for two reasons. The first is economical. Many of our federations are funded by the Government. The second is that, given that two-thirds of our workforce is moving abroad, if not in Europe, we prefer to play on this side in order to avoid long journeys and allow the group to get together quickly, ” He said.

The importance of the friendly matches is no longer to be demonstrated if one wonders that they are almost all the time played in Europe, Jean Paul Akono the national technical director N° 2 speaks of the difficulty To find opponents.

Finding world-class teams to face has always been problematic for many African selections in general and Cameroon in particular,” he said.

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