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Cameroon – Torture case of Ibrahim Bello: Here are the revelations of the investigation of the National Commission of the human rights led by Christophe Bobiokono.

On Thursday, 30 March 2017, our colleague Christophe Bobiokono, Rapporteur of the Subcommittee on Civil and Political Rights of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF) conducted a mission of the NCHRF in Ombessa, Of the Mbam-et-Inoubou division, in the Central Region where a young man, suspected of theft, was lynched by the population and tortured by the police.

Since Friday, March 24, 2017, Ibrahim Bello, the alleged thief is under intensive care at the central hospital of Yaounde. Because of the inhuman and degrading treatment he has suffered, the damned of Ombessa is now amputated from both legs and left arm. The members of the NCHRF Subcommittee on Civil and Political Rights, who were impelled by the appalling images of Ibrahim Bello at the scene of death, went to the scene of the crime to hear the alleged perpetrators and witnesses of the case of Ibrahim Bello. Pending the publication of the findings of this field trip, we offer below the first observations of the chief investigator, Christophe Bobiokono.


I led a team of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms in Ombessa and Bafia last Thursday as part of an open investigation into the “Ibrahim Bello” case. We met on this occasion the owner of the vehicle (Carina E of blue color) in which the misfortunes of the young Bello began. It is a MANDATORY of justice that some present abusively as a lawyer. In conducting our investigation, it was not difficult for us to meet the person in Bafia where he lives and is well known.

Until the draft report is validated by the mission team and the Members of the Commission decide on the recommendations and lessons learned in the case of Ibrahim Bello, the few clarifications I would like to make now with regard to the Comments left and right are as follows:

  • Mr. Bello entered the police station by walking on both feet on Sunday, February 5, 2017 led by the crowd that had just hit him under the control of the owner of the car, who filed a complaint at once.
  • He left the police station (probably transported) on 7 February 2017) “in a precarious state of health” (serious sores and second degree burns on one arm and on both legs). I am writing “precarious health” by citing the mentions read in the register of the hand of the police station.
  • Mr. Bello spent the rest of the day on 7 February and the following night moaning almost at the roadside, opposite the police station but on the opposite side of the road (important precision), without any means to be treated because there wasn’t any possibility of moving. All the testimonies are formal on this detail.
  • It’s a trader (a special species that has preserved the love of his neighbor in a particularly cruel environment), who had him transported to the Medical Center of Ombessa, in a wheelbarrow, and paid for his first aid.

The NCHRF team met with this benefactor and other witnesses. Any other commentary, such as this so-called testimony read in a well-researched page, belongs to the imagination of its author. From manipulation.

The rest, to save the life of Bello, is the work of the chief physician of this public medical center outrageously under equipped.

Despite the human cruelty that appears in this Bello affair, our investigation shows that there are still Cameroonians who can devote themselves to the cause of a human being. I particularly want to salute the benefactor and the chief medical officer of the Ombessa CMA without whom Mr. Bello would undoubtedly have succumbed to his tortures.

Christophe Bobiokono

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