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Cameroon – Anglophone crisis: Me Alice Nkom believes that the cut of the Internet in the Southwest and North-West is “an act of pure secession”

The famous lawyer demands the release of the English leaders detained and tried in Yaoundé.

Me Alice Nkom stands up for the anglophones in the tug of war that opposes them to the government. The human rights defender explained on 6 April 2016 on the television stations Stv that the charges of terrorism against the suspects arrested were “cynical“. Nkom said the Anglophone crisis is causing her great pain. Taking the case of Consortium leader Felix Agbor Nkongho Balla, she argues that nobody in the world will believe he is a terrorist. For her, the arrests do not help to foster the business climate that President Paul Biya spoke during his recent visit to Italy. She believes that from then on Cameroon can not be taken seriously and swears that “we will pay it dear“.

Alice Nkom also attacks the Minister of Justice Keeper of the Seals. She understands that Laurent Esso has the possibility to launch legal proceedings and can also arrest them. That is why she calls for the release of all arrested persons. For this experienced lawyer, the measures taken by the government to resolve the crisis in the southwest and northwest regions are not enough. One of the things she claims strongly is the restoration of the Internet.

How You Cut Internet? How?, she chokes. Because of the claims? What is the path that starts from the legitimate claims that we are catching up with and the global sanction of cutting the Internet? I do not understand how we can get to that! And if I do not understand I think there are a lot of people who can not understand that, “exclaimed Alice Nkom. She continues: “When you cut off communications to someone first you are violating a fundamental right. This is forbidden by the conventions you have signed. And two, it is an act of pure secession. It is an act of secession. And it is you who come to say that the others are secessionists? She asks.

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