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Cameroon – Issa Tchiroma: “With what do you want the roads to be built if there is no money?”

The government spokesman said that the delay observed in the realization of the major works is due to the economic stagnation that strikes Central Africa.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary visited the press yesterday, 11 April 2017. The government spokesperson kept the media professionals informed of the “enormous” advances made in the process of decentralization since the implementation of the Constitution of 18 January 1996. 21 Years later, some believe that Cameroon lags behind. For the latter, it is this situation which is at the root of the serious crisis in the Northwest and South-West regions.

False, replies the Minister of Communication (MINCOM). In support of this, he has worked to demonstrate how the government has been leading the process for so long. Speaking of the transfer of skills and financial resources, Issa Tchiroma cited the car stamp duty (sticker), the local development tax, a share of the additional municipal cents and a share of the annual forestry levy Etc. Nearly 600 billion FCFA in five years.

Yet the local populations are struggling to feel the effects of this process, which the government considers to be well conducted. Many decentralized local and regional authorities still lack basic infrastructure (roads, hospitals, schools, etc.), despite major political promises. Responding to this question, the one who is also national president of the FSNC (National Salvation Front of Cameroon), explained that these projects are not driven because of lack of money.

In the Central African subregion and beyond, we have had a succession of extremely violent crises which, had it not been Cameroon’s presence, the economy of the subregion would have collapsed. When you talk about hospitals, roads and so on, you would still need money to do it, “he said.

The spokesman of the government then explained that the programming made by the President of the Republic is battling against the austere economic environment. “The barrel of oil was to sell at $ 80, but it fell to $ 30; Cocoa is no longer sold; Cotton, let’s not talk about it … the Head of State does not make money. How do you want your roads to be built if there is no money? Asked the minister.

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