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Cameroon – Doctors Strike: Mama Fouda threatens doctors and declares their trade union illegal

Following the strike launched last week by the Syndicat de Médecins du Cameroun (SYMEC) to request that some of their demands be taken into account by the public authorities, Health Minister André Mama Fouda reacted. In a statement released on Thursday, April 13, 2017, Minister Fouda “warns” the organizers of this strike.

Based on Act No. 68/LF/19 of 18 November 1968 on Professional Associations or Unions not governed by the Labor Code, André Fouda states that SYMEC “is not for the moment recognized as having a legal existence “. And to prevent this series of events, he invites the organizers to respect the law and the rules of ethics and professional ethics governing the profession of doctors. He also invites “all doctors to attend to their occupations with the expected performance“.

It should be remembered that the Syndicat des Médecins du Cameroun (SYMEC) launched a strike call for the 17th of April 2017 throughout the national territory. The strike will take place in three phases: from 17 to 19 April 2017, from 15 to 17 May 2017, and from 12 to 14 June 2017. According to the doctors, if, as a result of this series of strikes, no adequate solution has been the strikes will be triggered on July 17, 2017. This series of strikes will have the following modalities: cancellation of appointments and extreme consultations, suspension of surgical procedures, management of emergencies to only those.

It should be noted that in its communiqué, the Medical Union of Cameroon declares that “the government shows dilatory and contempt” in front of their claims and “prefers to play the policy of the Ostrich dubbed diversion“. They put a number of demands on the government table that they felt should be taken into account as soon as possible. These demands include, among other things, the introduction of basic health insurance with universal coverage within a short period of time, the salary increase of doctors in the public sub-sector and the direct payment of subsidies from the State of the sub-private sector in the form of monthly bonuses, purely and simply suspending the assignment of doctors without pay, and raising the retirement age of physicians from 55 to 65 years.

This exit of the men in white coat makes prevail of the anxiety among the public opinion. “If, in the disastrous state of our hospitals, there must be a strike by the medical profession, we must expect derogatory consequences on the care of the sick,” the statement said. To see the modalities of the series of strikes that promises, the Cameroonian populations who do not have the means to be treated in private hospitals will be the biggest victims. It is high time that the government of Paul Biya, who is concerned about the welfare of the populations, finds a durable solution to the demands of this trade union.

Below is the press release from the Minister of Health

press release from the Minister of Health

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