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Cameroon – Operation Sparrowhawk: Hundreds of billions allegedly diverted

Since its creation in 2012, the Special Criminal Court (SCC) of Yaoundé has experienced numerous cases of embezzlement that have swallowed billions. These withdrawals concern central, decentralized, public and parapublic enterprises.

This picture is to be put to the asset of big white-collar delinquents, deposed of the government and some municipal magistrates. What is striking in these figures is the voracity with which the whales give themselves to heart to chew the money of the Cameroonian taxpayer. These various defendants are currently in front of the bars of the SCC to answer the facts related to the various offenses of diversions and complicities.

Among them, some are familiar with cases related to a rebound, notably the case of Abah Abah Polycarp, former Minister of the Economy and Finance, former director of taxes, who must again answer the charges of embezzlement of 1,811 Billion; Of the former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR), Jean Marie Atangana Mebara, who is being prosecuted for having hijacked, in concert with the late ambassador of Cameroon in the United States, a sum of money close to 2.5 billion FCFA. Not to mention the case of former Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim, who is estimated at 287.4 million, the son of the current mayor of Bandjoun, Yves Michel Fotso, who falls on the weight of two cases, each accusing him of the disappearance of 18 billion FCFA, are not left out. If we look only at the funds hijacked by those who are described as luxury prisoners and whose cases are underway at the SCC, we are at more than 106 billion FCFA.

Beyond these big caps cited above, are also communal officials such as the collector of the Figuil council who is today sued for embezzlement of 51 million or the former mayor of the municipality of Bokito, On the run and accused of embezzlement of 200 million. Several companies are also affected by this financial genocide: Camtel with the Mvogo case for misappropriation of 447 million, Campost with the file of Damba Tezi, 51 million.

However, it should be noted that the list is far from exhaustive as it does not take into account other cases that have been tried by the SCC since its inception. Moreover, not long ago at the SCC, one learned that about 80 billion CFA francs were diverted by more than ten big whales. This means that the tragedy is deeper.

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