Cameroon – Projects: Italian companies Seas Sarlu and Italfer sign agreements to build road and rail infrastructure

The Minister of Public Works (Mintp), Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, has just signed two memoranda of understanding on the design, implementation and monitoring of certain infrastructure projects in Cameroon.

The first Memorandum of Understanding signed with several Italian companies represented by Seas Sarlu concerns the project to build the Olounou-Oveng-Frontier road of Gabon including the bridge over the Kom river. The said protocol states that these companies will participate, together with the Government of Cameroon, in the design, construction and follow-up of the road linking Olounou, Oveng and the Gabon border for a length of approximately 100 kilometers.

The second Memorandum of Understanding signed with Italfer SPA, representing another consortium of Italian companies, is linked to the realization of the railway projects and concerns precisely the renewal of the existing railway (Douala-Mbanga-Kumba and Douala-Yaoundé), the park of passenger rolling stock (passenger cars, railcars). Itrafer will take care of the development of the passenger areas, with the construction of the passenger station of Yaoundé, and the support to the implementation of a policy of training to the railway trades in Cameroon.

The signing of these two memoranda of understanding is one of the important spin-offs of the recent state visit by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, to Italy. It was in March 2017. Through these acts, it was to give more emphasis to the program of development of the road and rail infrastructure in progress in Cameroon.

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