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Cameroon – Concours: Two lists for the same concours at the Ministry of Scientific Research

The first list was published on 18 January 2017 and the second on 10 April. Both lists have different names.

La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) published on April 21, 2017 indicates that there are two lists for the same Concours for recruiting researchers to the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI).

On April 10, says the newspaper, Madeleine Tchuente, the MINRESI, signed a list of 220 researchers recruited in her ministerial department for the year 2016 fiscal. This new list, it is said, “cancels the first published list On 18 January 2017 by a joint decree of MINFOPRA (Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform ed.) and MINRESI, with the same purpose. And naturally, it is obvious that the list signed unilaterally by Madeleine Tchuente contains twelve new names while thirteen have disappeared, “adds the private daily.

A few cases: “The names of Hassan Mahamat, Tchoudjin Gertrude Loveline and Wanko Kebebou Jean Olivier have disappeared from the first list in the new list of 39 recruits from the Agricultural Research Institute for Development (IRAD).” In addition, the names of Ngo Béa Cornelie Raphaëlle and Yebga Matip Guy Albert appear on the waiting list when they were not listed at the start.

According to a source in MINRESI, “at the level of the Civil Service, it was found that certain information contained in the diplomas did not correspond to those of the other documents of identification, sometimes the ages had exceeded the required limit, to justify this situation, to say the least curious.

Except, says LNE, the two documents were not signed by the same people. The first is signed jointly by MINFOPRA and MINRESI. And curiously, the second document contains the only signature of the MINRESI. Paul Zébazé, the head of the communication cell of the ministry, advised the LNE reporter to go directly to the minister.

However, an official from the same administration explains that this situation is due to the fact that candidates had to choose from several departments. He also believes that regional balance is there for something.

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