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Cameroon – Electrification: Cameroon ranked 11th out of 24 African countries

The country with a high hydrological potential is doing well with an electrification rate of 53.70%.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Energy Architecture Performance report and the Accenture Strategy consultancy released on 22 March, Cameroon (53.70%) ranks 11th out of 24.

This study once again brings to light the sharp problem of the energy deficit facing the country, despite being the second hydrological potential of sub-Saharan Africa.

According to an expert from the Ministry of Water and Energy (Minee), this rate of electrification would have been improved by investment in the renewable energy sector.

An energy potential still uncultivated, in a context marked by the fight against sources of emissions of greenhouse gases, like hydroelectric power and thermal centers. While Saharan countries such as Algeria (100%), Libya (100%), Morocco (100%), and Tunisia (100%) are at the top of the ranking.

Looking across the report, it appears that five African countries are tied at the top of the African nations with the best electrification rates. These are the countries in North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia).

The latter are among the 69 countries out of the 127 studied, with an electrification rate that reaches 100%, informs the press release that we received.

The continent’s largest economic power, South Africa (85.40%), ranks 99th in the world. Ethiopia (26.46%), Kenya (23.00%), Zambia (22.06%), Mozambique (20.20%) and Tanzania (15, thirty%).

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