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“I slept with 5,000 men,” reveals a prostitute who never misses church!

Born and raised in part in Zimbabwe, a 64-year-old, Sinikiwe went to the suburb of Hillbrow in Johannesburg, South Africa where the realities and hardships of the environment prompted her to embrace the oldest profession in the world: Prostitution.

It all began in 1984, when a friend told her how good the job was. She did not think twice.

Today she lives with two of her grandchildren in a house made of stones and earth after an incident ravaged her home and property.

I got married at 16, but after a few years, my husband started neglecting us after we had five children,” she says.

Sinikiwe reveals that she separated from her husband and became a waitress in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, before moving to Johannesburg where “I joined some women near Royal Park Hotel where we waited for customers day and night and billed 100R for our services.

The price remained the same for more than five years “until it reached 15R0 and finally 20R0 in early 2010, during the World Cup in South Africa,” says Sinikiwe who estimates to manage up to 40 Men in “a good day” and “between five and ten men on a bad day.

Until 2000, no one paid attention to us when we reported cases of assault. Even the police stopped us downtown for no reason, “Sinikiwe said, recalling how the arrival of condoms had become a nightmare for her, since most men preferred” direct contact “and” force a man to use the Condom was driving him away to another female worker.”

Sinikiwe, a Christian practitioner and baptized Christian who rarely misses the church on Sunday, is considering withdrawing because “today we depend on long-term clients. In fact, I had started a small business after getting a loan of 7,000R from a local customer, but a fire ravaged my home and store in March. Even my christening card and other documents were burned. This and other problems have plunged me back into prostitution.

She reveals that “sleeping with more than 10 men for 50 Rs was an exceptional chance because doing 500 Rs in a day was equivalent to earning 5000 R today.

She added: “It was a long journey and I have slept with more than 5,000 men for over 20 years. I was on the ground, even my children knew it and visited me frequently but when they grew up and started their families lives, they stopped attending Johannesburg.

These are the consequences of the burning of my house and the education of these children which forced me to return. I hope things will change one day and that God will give me the solution and the strength to give up, “she said.

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