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Cameroon – Ayah Paul: Advocate General had 17 months salary arrears during his arrest, his wife & son reveal what happened!

The entourage of the magistrate out of hierarchy is persecuted since the arrest of Paul Ayah Abine last January.

Ayah Ayah Abine, son of Paul Ayah Abine was facing the press on April 22, 2017. La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) published on April 24 reports that the younger son of the Advocate General at the Supreme Court affirmed that the family of his father has been harassed since his arrest on 21 January of the current year.

Since the arrest of our father, the family lives in fear, threats. Early this morning (April 22nd), people tried to get back into the house. They did everything; Sounded more than thirty times; They called us, for what purpose? We do not know. We do not know who they work for. Is it a coincidence that this is going on during a hectic time for our family? We will never know “said the speaker.

This “persecution,” says Ayah Ayah Abine, extends to her father’s lawyers. “Even our lawyers receive messages. But they are not brave enough. Because I’m doing their job. They had to be in front of the press every day. These are the most authoritative voices, “insists the son of the former militant of the CPDM.

Without formally indexing anyone, he explained that the flaws of the President of the PAP are due to his political career and political ambitions. “They surely ask themselves: why give this man so much means for 2018,” he adds.

That is, said Ayah Ayah Abine, before his arrest, Paul Ayah Abine was at 17 months of salary arrears. “And to this day the state refuses to pay him. Well-placed people called me to say that we saw hundreds of millions in his account. If my father has that money, where does he keep it? Look at the house in which we live, 160,000 FCFA rent is more than us. He does not even have a vehicle. The service vehicle that was given to him is parked in the parking lot. It has been down for 5 months, “he adds.

Interested in the Anglophone crisis, Paul Ayah Abine remains detained. The Center’s Court of Appeal recently dismissed his lawyers’ appeal for release.

Valentine Endale Ayah (Wife of Ayah Abine): “They do not talk about him. It worries us a lot »

The wife of the non-hierarchical magistrate reviews the arrest and conditions of detention of Paul Ayah Abine. Her explication is contained in the columns of La Nouvelle Expression published on April 24, 2017.

When my husband was arrested, I was a little confused. I said nothing. He (Paul Ayah Abine ed) asked: who wants me? Where are you taking me to? He was told that it is the government commissioner. He told them that on Saturday at 5 pm, the government commissioner works? The men answered yes.

I was standing, I was watching the scene. It cannot fade from my memory even though I try to do it. I was asked if I wanted to accompany him, I said yes. As I was working, I went to the kitchen to remove the pots from the fire, they followed me. Even when I went to change clothes, they followed me.

On the way, we did not go to the military court as we were told. The phone calls were exchanging. Rather, it was decided to bring him to the Secretary of State for Defense (SED). That day we stayed there until 10pm. Before we were asked to go home.

It’s very hard for me. One is already a widow while the man is not dead. In my condition, (you see I have crutches because I broke my knee in a traffic accident. I have these instruments for 8 months), it’s not easy. I have to give him food three times a day. That is what we were told at the SED. I can not do these tricks in my state. I go in the morning. At noon my sons go there. In the evening I go and pray with him. For the Lord to keep him. I’ve been doing this for three months now.

There is something that bothers us. They are not talking about him. If he went out at least to go to court, but yet nothing. That worries us a lot. He is like all citizens. They can judge him.

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