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Cameroon – Bafoussam: Two children die asphyxiated after inhalation of gas from a coal kiln

Two children died last weekend after inhalation of gas from a coal kiln in Bafoussam, the main city in the western region.

Two children, Aaron Vitalis and Jennifer Tchankep, aged 7 and 2 respectively, died of axphysia last weekend, after inhaling the gas emanating from the coal kiln, lit by their mother, Lea Petga (29), report Community sources on the spot.

The drama took place last Saturday in the Banengo district, precisely at the place known as “Gabon-Bar”.

The mother, it is said, turned on the cooking-oven to cook beans. Because of the rain, she brought the oven into the house, in a building, surrounded by a gate, which did not include aeration.

Not having heard any noise from the children on Sunday, on Monday, the neighbor whose son attends the same school as that of Leah, knocks at the door to learn more about this silence that was beginning to be worrying.

It is then that Lea left her house, covered with coal deposit and all dirty. Exhausted, Lea lost consciousness and collapsed in front of her neighbors who have come after the news.

The neighbors discovered the bodies of the two children lying on the bed. Initial reports of death by asphyxiation. The police, who were quickly alerted, opened an investigation.

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