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Cameroon – Chicken market: Despite the ban of the Mfoundi Prefect, marketing continues in Mvog-Ada

The space, which is the principal place of supply to the capital, is still prohibited for the sale of poultry.

The Mvog-Ada Market is one of the sites where chicken marketing was banned immediately after the bird flu epidemic was discovered in Yaoundé. However, a year after this ban, the sale of chicken is still current, Cameroon Tribune found on the spot.

According to the newspaper, wholesalers and retailers have not really left the place. On the contrary, even on the roadside, they are there. “This Monday morning, we observe about twenty boxes and baskets loaded with chickens and waiting for takers. It is the same finding at the entrance to the market and inside. Resellers are in position, poultry by hand. Some beat the pavement as usual in order to suggest which broiler chicken layers. Others are sitting in front of baskets where chickens are piled up, “reads the kiosk edition on Wednesday.

To defend themselves, Jean Ydalgo Tchoula, president of the wholesale section at the market explains that they are forced to sell the chicken illegally. “If we had found a site, it would have been better, but what should we do?” He asks. Still, as he explains, activity is slow. Chicken is rare and has been expensive for a few weeks. Chicken prices have risen considerably to the point where broiler chicken is offered at 3500 FCFA instead of 2800 CFA a few months ago and that of the layers to nearly 2800 FCFA, although it is usually sold at 2,200 FCFA.

For Yvette Essomba, chicken dealer on the site, her colleagues  are forced to sell under the coat. “We are always afraid that the authorities will arrive and take the goods,” she said. She still remembered, on the day when they had embarked more than 10 thousand chickens, “it was October 10 last,” she says. All this poultry had been destroyed. “This has caused us enormous losses. We are aware of the illegal activity, but if the state delocalizes us it will help us, “she hopes.

According to a reliable source, this is a difficult problem to solve at the moment. “We talked several times with these traders and were told to go elsewhere in the markets allowed to market the chicken, but they always come back,” said the same source.

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