Cameroon – Contraband: Cameroon loses 60 billion a year in the sale of fake drugs

The information is contained in statistics published on 24 April 2017 by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development (MINMIDT).

This is a huge loss for the Cameroonian economy. Companies established in our country lose 60 billion CFA francs per year associated with the beginning of so-called street drugs. The statistics published last Monday by the MINMIDT were relayed by APA and taken over by La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) in newsstands on April 25th.

… the Treasury, for its part, loses in this illegal trade some 12 billion FCFA per year, or 18.73% of business losses,” the paper said. In order to eradicate the phenomenon, the National Order of Pharmacists of Cameroon (ONPC) plans to launch very soon, a campaign against the illegal sale of drugs.

With the support of the authorities, an awareness campaign is planned, focusing in particular on the sale of street medicines, including fake medicines and obsolete medicines whose consumption is detrimental to the health of populations” said our colleague.

LNE also presents the disturbing figures of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to these figures, 30-40% of medicines consumed in Africa are counterfeit. With prominent sub-Saharan Africa, fake drugs kill about 800,000 people every year across the continent.

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0 thoughts on “Cameroon – Contraband: Cameroon loses 60 billion a year in the sale of fake drugs”

  1. Are the Cameroon Government authorities working to safeguard the health of Cameroonians, or are they adopting the for-profits culture of their foreign non-Africans NGOs, Corporations, Governments, Charities, Foundations, etc.? Where are the authorities scientifically proven facts and data that medicines sold on streets are fake, and when taken results to dead? Dose Cameroon have credible well equipped science laboratory in all the 10 Provinces in the country, to taste samples of medicines bought from the streets, including those sold in Pharmacies, those brought into the countries by foreign NGOs, Charities, Foundations, etc., to back up their above claim that medicines sold on streets are fake? The most important aspect of any country is healthy citizens. A decline in the sale of medicines in Cameroon, came also be attributed to the decline of the purchasing power of most Cameroonians who have also been exposed to the Western financial crises of 2008, which has resulted in austerity measures being imposed on third world countries. Cameroon government should wake up to the fact that some parts of Western medicines are being used as Bio-weapons now to depopulate Africans/Black populations, as in the case of Bill Gates Foundation promoted Agenda 21. who’s poisoned vaccines have resulted in his foundation being kicked out of India, after being sued. Cameroon and all other African countries should kick out these Eugenic foreign NGOs, Foundations, Charities, who sterilised poisoned healthy African babies with their contaminated vaccines, medicines, GMOs foods/seeds, toxic fluoride in drinking water, milk, alcoholic/soft drinks, etc. Cameroon needs well equipped and funded laboratories in all Provinces, and towns in Cameroon, to constantly taste all medicines, vaccines, etc., before any of the population is exposed to them. Also laws should be passed by the Cameroon government to allowed all Cameroonians to sue for damages, drug companies, manufacturers, their agents, charities, foundations, NGOs, etc., if their vaccines and medicines caused harm to the citizens of Cameroon. All countries in the world have enemies, and Countries like the USA list their enemies every year; which countries in the world are Cameroon enemies? Instead of harassing already hard up Cameroonians trying to make a living by selling on the streets, go after the real big organisations bringing the drugs into the country. Those who refuse to find out who their real enemies are, and don’t learn from history, do so at their peril.

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