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Cameroon – Stanley Enow: “Motherland Drinks is currently in production”

In an interview with Cotonoboy.com, the bayangui boy looks back on his latest projects, his current tour and his vision for the development of the African continent as an entrepreneur. Get some key points from this interview below.

You’re in New York right now. Tell us more!

This year I was invited to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. It was my first time to attend such a prestigious music ceremony. I have a busy time job between Dallas, New York and Washington DC. I’m finalizing several projects that include the preparation of my mixtape, my second album that will see the collaboration of several artists, video shoots among others. I look forward to presenting the results to my audience.

With the cooperation of cultural partners and promoters I also toured the USA. I had a performance in the South by SouthWest (SXSW) in Dallas which saw the performances of rappers Lil Wayne, Ace Hood, the African artist Mr. Eazi with whom I collaborated during his tour Deity World Tour. We also have a beautiful song together to come.

Although you’re on tour, you just released the visuals for “Love song” featuring with the legend Claude Ndam. What inspired you to make this piece? How did the meeting happen?

Currently, Africa and the whole world are experiencing various forms of difficulties ranging from racism, xenophobia, poverty, tribalism and their consequences. These scourges affect me enormously. “Love Song” is a love song of unity and peace that I made for the whole world. It was no better than to take inspiration from the song “Arc En Ciel” of the legendary singer of Cameroon, Claude Ndam. This song is a sample of this song made by the Cameroonian producer Seoud Drums, based in Canada. I made the song and then I presented it to Claude Ndam who loved it and then validated. The video logically followed.

Among your best current tracks are “Pray for me“, “Follow Me“, or “Work Hard” on which you surf on very different musical universes. What is the process of artistic creation of your different pieces?

I am an artist who is not limited to hip-hop. From time to time I vary to amuse myself in other genres. Trap, Afro etc … In fact there are beats that drive me! In addition, I have a great team composed of several professionals of the musical field: sound engineers, beatmakers, artists and the repertoire etc. I get proposals and some guidance from them, and then, finally, I let my heart speak. We all listen the final product. If it is validated, then one prepares its exit with the greatest rigor and perfection.

If there is a reward to retain for your career, it is your prize at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2014. You realize something sensational since you were the first Cameroonian Rapper to have received it. How did you live the experience?

The first and only one to date to have won. It was a turning point for the history of Cameroonian music. You are well aware of the importance of this musical reward ceremony. It was really amazing. This famous night in front of two formidable Nigerian artists, Burna Boy and Phyno, and facing two South African heavyweights: Uhuru and Heavy K with all speculation in favor of Nigerians and South Africans, God decided to raise Cameroon once again through me forever, supported by my audience.

The African showbiz is currently working well with collaborations such as Blaaz & Shadocris, Vano Baby & NG Bling, Willy Baby & Mahlox Le Vibeur. If you must accept an artist in featuring, what are your criteria?

For me one must be a good artist to enjoy a feat with me. I’m not buzzing because the buzz does not guarantee a career.

You have set up your own company Motherland Empire, you have your brand of clothing and your brand of water. In 2015 you were presented as one of the richest African rappers. What are you doing with this money?

I rather have a brand of energy drink, Motherland Drinks, which is currently in production. I try to do something useful at my modest level, while reinvesting in my career.

Nicknamed the “Jay-z Rapgame of Cameroon”, you are a formidable businessman. How do you think this entrepreneurial vision will serve Africa?

My team, Motherland Empire, and I plan to create more employment for Africa. We are looking forward to setting up several luxury boutiques and exploiting our energy drink, Motherland Drinks. So we’re going to offer employment to several professionals in various fields.

How do you see the African continent in 10 years? Will the cultural sector really be able to participate in its development? If so, what would be your involvement?

Culture is a great showcase for African development. We rely more on the support of the competent authorities, the fans and on the Almighty God. I will continue to hoist African youth through my music and I will encourage them to perfect themselves in the art of profession in order to make the most of their art.

To get back to your Motherland Empire business, tell us about its activities. Do you sign any artists on it?

At Motherland we have several departments:

Motherland Music that makes in music production. We encourage young artists directly and indirectly. We plan to sign several young artists shortly.

Motherland Clothing & Accessories that makes in streetwear and other music accessories.

Motherland Pictures that manages the image.

Stanley Enow Foundation through which Motherland makes the social.

To finish our interview tell us why you also carry the nickname “Bayangui Boy”, What is its meaning?

Bayangui Boy is my pseudonym. I am from the Bayangi ethnic group, originating in the South-West of Cameroon. I am proud of my origins. I do not hesitate to remind the world where I come from. Every African should be proud of his origins and culture.

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