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Ghana: “I have 20 houses, 8 Range Rover, 5 Infinity SUV”: boasts the Ghanaian pastor Obinim

The controversial Ghanaian man of God, Bishop Daniel Obinim said that God blessed him, endowing him with an abundant material richness.

I have more than 20 houses given to me by Jesus Christ. I had about eight Range Rover cars that I offered to pastors. I had five Infinity SUVs and three Chrysler that I also offered to pastors because my car is “AUTOBIOGRAPHY”, which means that the brain power of the car is superior to that of a human being. If you cross this car, it automatically stops, and its door is not to be slammed, it closes of itself. The car is also anti-bullet, “said the founder of the International Church of God, who was arrested last year for fraud involving an amount of GHS 11.6 million.

Obinim also stated that God Himself might soon name him (Obinim) as a god as well. According to him, the next spiritual gift God Almighty will give him after making him an angel, will be to make him a “god” too.

I saw Jesus Christ in my dreams, who said,” Receive this angelic gift. ” So if I am faithful to Jesus Christ, maybe the next spiritual gift he gives me will be a replica of what happened in Exodus 7 of the Bible where God said to Moses, ” Now I have made you god, so all you say is final. “But now, God has not yet made me god. Maybe next time God will say, “Obinim, now I have made you a god, you can even evoke money,” he told Joy News.

Meanwhile, Bishop Obinim said he will teach those who accuse him of having participated in a so-called fraud case of 11.6 million GHS, a big lesson.

He pronounced curses against his accuser, Bismark Kusi, saying that this man and his family will never experience peace on earth.

He said that he would take care of all those who accuse him without evidence, for in his opinion their actions are a mockery against his person as well as his father Jesus Christ.

My father Jesus Christ, whom you have dishonored, will never allow you to have peace. You will see what will happen to you, “he threatened.

Hundreds of members of his church had gathered at the house to welcome him after he had been released on bail.

Some of the faithful praised God and saluted his liberation, while others sang to signify that “the angel is come.

Apart from accusations of fraud against him, Bishop Obinim is also cited in cases of physical and verbal aggression for having scourged two teenage lovers in his church.

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