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USA: Kim Kardashian loses 100,000 fans in a few days …here is why!

Internet was in motion last week, in all corners of the world. After an online press chose to publish the photos of the American celeb on a beach without retouching them, they made the tour of all social networks in no time. And looking at these photos of Mrs. West, Internet users were rather disgusted.

The comments were mostly negative. Even Kim’s fans could not believe it. To see her in such a laudable position, has split their heart. That’s why, thousands of them made the decision to unsubscribe from her Instagram account. For to them she’s fake. That’s how Kardashian lost, in just a few days, more than 100,000 fans.

The one who was the first to publish these photos did so to denounce the abuse of the use of photoshop on the photos of Kim to retouch them. It must be remembered that thousands of girls around the world had already taken her as a model of life. They then felt betrayed. Let us hope that they will seek the true models elsewhere.

Even the player Mario Balotelli did not miss the opportunity to comment on these photos. So he posted a message on snapchat, in which he did not give Kim a gift. Of course his message will not please Kanye West, let alone Kim Kardashian.

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