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Cameroon – Diplomacy: First meeting between Paul Biya and Donald Trump underway!

The President of Cameroon and his counterpart from the United States of America could meet for the first time in China at the forum on industry and trade.

The information is contained in Integration published on 2 May 2017. The newspaper informs that Paul Biya and Donald Trump could meet in China on 14 and 15 May. Both men are invited to take part in the International Forum on Industry and Trade hosted by the Middle Empire. If it takes place, this meeting will be the first between the Head of State and his American counterpart since the latter’s arrival at the White House last January.

The weekly reports that China, now the world’s largest economic power, “intends during these two days of forum to present a new paradigm of economic relations in the world. Without any surprise, Paul Biya is also invited to the Chinese economic forum. The New Silk Road is indeed beneficial for Cameroon. At the very least, it gives concrete expression to the Trans Aqua project. This project, imagined a little more than thirty years ago by an Italian engineer, consists in taking the waters of the Congo River and dumping them into Lake Chad through a system of canals “.

Still according to our colleague, “formerly spread out over 315,000 km2, Lake Chad is today less than 25,000km2. Several experts say that the abundant return of water to Lake Chad will give a weaken Boko Haram, which recruits young people who are weary of poverty in a region that is extremely ungrateful because of the drought “.

“In Beijing, Cameroon will also be pleased to hear China unveil its plan to equip all of Africa with the railroad and trace a highway from Lagos in Nigeria to Maputo in Mozambique. So is it in China that the Cameroonian president Paul Biya will have for the first time a head to head with the successor of Barack Obama? Donald Trump is so far distant and disinterested of Africa and its leaders. But his commitment to twist the blow to fanatical Islamism may be a point that brings him closer to Paul Biya struggling with Boko Haram in the far north of the country. Paul Biya must also be impatient to see the favor given him by a Donald Trump who has just shown himself generous by giving the green light to the sale of warplanes in Nigeria and offered fighting cars to Chad in The purpose of fighting Boko Haram, “writes Integration.

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