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Nigeria: Unbelievable, a dead man firmly grasps his brother’s hand at the morgue.

It is a surreal scene, which produced a general panic last Monday at the morgue of the Plateau hospital in Jos Nigeria, when the hand of a dead prepared for the funeral suddenly seized firmly that of his living brother.

The incident occurred when the deceased, named Choji Zeng, was dressed by his brother during the preparations for the funeral.

The family members, who participated in the washing of the corpse, fled in panic, when they saw the dead Choji Zeng, clasping firmly the hand of his younger brother, the named Gyang Zeng.

The unusual scene immediately attracted mortuary agents, who came to separate the two brothers, who had lived together in Ungwan.

Zeng, 35, died after a short illness, according to his family. He was suffering from a liver disease.

Gyang Zeng confirmed the incident at the Nigeria News Agency (NAN). He asserts that after washing his brother, he dressed him in a white garment when his corpse seized his hand. Continuing, he explains that he had to call the employees of the morgue for help. The mortuary agents forced to be able to separate the two brothers.

The family and neighbors who witnessed the incident also confirmed the facts to the News Agency.

Gyang also told NAN that when the deceased held his hands he asked, “Choji why do you hold my hand, do you want me to join you or what?

One of the mortuary agents said it was not the first time that such a thing happened in the morgue.

Mr. Benjamin Oche, a neighbor of the two brothers who also attended the scene, told NAN that before the deceased’s death, the two brothers had a misunderstanding. He revealed that the two brothers argued for the land they inherited from their parents.

But according to relatives, no one suspected Gyang of being behind the death of Choji Zeng.

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