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Africa – Emmanuel Macron: “If you do not feel happy in the CFA franc zone, leave it and create your own currency” – says the French president

Invited to the G5 Sahel Summit held in Bamako, Mali last weekend, the French president did not hide his wrath at the attitude of the leaders of several countries of the Franc Zone who see this currency as the cause of their misfortunes.

More and more voices are demanding the withdrawal of Francophone African countries from the Franc zone. A movement that is growing not without irritating visibly, the new French president Emmanuel Macron. Invited to the summit of the G5 Sahel last week in Bamako in Mali, the latter did not hide his wrath in the face of all this din. “If you feel unhappy in the franc zone, you leave it and create your own currency as Mauritania and Madagascar did,” he recommended to those who think that this currency is at stake, the origin of the misfortunes of the countries that use it.

For the French president, instead of passing the time to fuel unnecessary controversies around the CFA Franc, the leaders of the African countries of the Franc zone would rather win to take action. “If we stay there (in the zone franc), we must stop demagogic statements, making the franc cfa the scapegoat of your political and economic failures, and France the source of your problems, He said.

In an interview with the newspaper Jeune Afrique shortly before the first round of presidential elections in France, Macron said already about the release of the Franc Cfa that “it is a choice that belongs first of all to the Africans themselves. I note with good reason that African governments are rightly attached to the two monetary areas (West and Central Africa) which constitute the CFA Franc zone and which contributes to economic stability and regional integration

Activists for a withdrawal from French-speaking African countries of the Francs CFA often accused France of maneuvering to make this design impossible. But with this release of Emmanuel Macron, it is clear that the ball is now in the camp of the leaders of the countries of Central and West Africa, users of this colonial currency.

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