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Government suspends activities of International Crisis Group in Cameroon after new report deemed biased

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  • Through the voice of the government spokesman, Yaoundé has just announced the suspension in Cameroon land of the activities of the Belgian NGO.

The power of Yaoundé digests badly the last two reports of International Crisis Group. The NGO based in Belgium published on 2 August and 19 October 2017, two briefing notes particularly critical of the Cameroonian authorities.

In the latest report released on October 19, International Crisis Group blames the government of Cameroon for the stalemate of the Anglophone crisis. The NGO maintains that an “urgent reaction” by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, is needed at the risk of witnessing an “armed insurrection“.

The organization also speaks of “violent crackdown by security forces on demonstrations by English-speaking militants on 22 September, the explosion of homemade bombs in the North West and the imposition of a de facto state of emergency. September 29 to October 3 “.

These accusations are completely refuted by the Cameroonian government, which has just decided to suspend the activities of this organization in Cameroon. As is often the case, it was the Minister of Communication, the government spokesperson, who made the announcement. Issa Tchiroma Bakary was facing the press yesterday 24 October in Yaoundé.

The opportunity for him to give the government’s response to these accusations.

… the government could not remain speechless in the face of such harrowing aggression. The government therefore refutes the allegations in its entirety and totally rejects the International Crisis Group report of 2 August 2017 as well as that published last 19, said MINCOM.

Justifying this posture, Issa Tchiroma said that

International Crisis Group has indulged in a true prosecution indictment composed of facts and accusations without any basis, without any relation to reality. In other words, pure gossip instead of an objective report based on an observation and a contradictory analysis of the situation, he explained.

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