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Great figures of sport and music playing hide and seek with the Anglophone Crisis

Since the end of 2016, the English-speaking regions of South-West and North-West of Cameroon have been standing up to protest against what they consider to be an unequal treatment to their disadvantage on the part of the Cameroonian government.

This crisis in the English-speaking part of the country greatly shakes the social, political and even economic life of the country despite all the attempts at appeasement made by the government. A crisis indeed, must concern all the layers of people composing a society. But only since the beginning of this so-called Anglophone crisis, we see only politicians for its resolution. An inestimable silence on the part of certain layers of Cameroonian society not feeling concerned is being felt, in this case the so-called “artists of Cameroon” class. Indeed, this class plays a very important role in easing social tensions and softening feelings. Through their works, the artist transmits a message of a reality that we live through their art. they denounce and present futuristic or pre-visionary visions.

The Ivorian lesson to Cameroonian icons

As an illustration, during the Ivorian crisis of 2002, which caused hundreds of deaths, we saw Ivorian stars like Didier Drogba get up and artists sing with one voice for the return to peace. The excerpt of a song such as “On veut s’amuser. Arrêtez vos fusils là…“is quite eloquent. Right here in Cameroon, at the beginning of clashes with the terrorist sect Boko Haram in the northern part of the country, a collective of artists composed among others of X-Maleya, Grace Decca, Denise Naafa, was formed to sing in favor of return to peace in Cameroon. We have also seen other artists such as Valsero, One Love and many others who have been quoted. And this was clearly visible, as was the war effort of the compatriots of the national triangle, not forgetting those of the diaspora.

A project by Prince Eyango in collaboration with a collective of several stars of Cameroonian music to support the Defense Forces to raise awareness of the threat of terrorism in the Far North of Cameroon, and support local communities affected by terrorism, remains engraved in memories since November 21, 2015. Dynastie Le Tigre, Magnasco, Mr. Leo …: Unfortunately it is a fact to note a silence on the part of the Cameroonian artists since the beginning of the so-called anglophone crisis with some exceptions such as the Magasco & Greg Belobo.

Calling his fans on Youtube on the question of the so-called Anglophone crisis, Dynastie Le Tigre, called for the Unity of Cameroon.

Players discover this single that concerns us all because we do not want to be divided because our country CAMEROON is a country of peace and will remain in peace whether you are Francophone or Anglophone,

he said in his post of October 4, 2017 which made public his artistic production carrying a good message.

In addition to these exceptions and the release of a few rare comedians, a certain opinion strongly deplores the silence of the great figures of the sporting, artistic and cultural world. Unless our sleuthing is wrong, Dean Manu Dibango, African football icon Roger Milla, Unicef ​​Goodwill Ambassador Samuel Eto’o Fils, diva Charlotte Dipanda, the surprising Vincent Aboubakar and the talented Clinton Njie, the formidable Gaelle Enganamouit, Aboudi Onguene and Laeticia Moma Bassoko, to name but a few, have not yet launched calls for dialogue or national unity directly related to the crisis that is shaking the Southwest and Northwest regions. Even the famous strategist Dr. Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt, and Pr. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi respectively Ministers of Sports and Physical Education and Arts and Culture, have not apparently also thought to mobilize these two great families so that we can gather for example Lady Ponce and Longue Longue for a compilation. An initiative that can end the intrigues and advocate National Unity.

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