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Issa Tchiroma reveals the underpinnings of the Anglophone crisis

The secessionist demonstrations that have been taking place in Cameroon for several months would be orchestrated by “forces lurking in the shadows“, whose sole objective would be to have control over the wealth of the Cameroonian subsoil. This was supported by the Cameroonian Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, at a press conference given on Tuesday, October 24, in Yaounde.

As they know they can only access it if they have puppets lurking in the shadows, they are now trying to put their pawns in order to wreak chaos in our country. The goal of these forces lurking in the shadows, is to have access to the resources that abound the countries of Cemac. But it turns out that Cameroon is the bolt of the subregion, so they want to destabilize Cameroon to achieve their goals, said Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

According to him, the interests of these forces would be protected by NGOs which, under the guise of respect for human rights, would rather participate in destabilization attempts denounced. In the viewfinder of the minister, the organization, International Crisis Group, whose latest report, published on October 19, reports violence by the Cameroonian army on anglophones in the North West and South West.

The International Crisis Group has accused the military of shooting live ammunition at unarmed protesters and excessive use of teargas, including in homes, or against churchgoers. Which would have left dozens dead and more than 100 wounded among civilians. For Issa Tchiroma Bakary, this information “is false“, just because this NGO, “did not make a descent on the ground, preferring to rely on the report of the Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa (Redhac) and to some newspapers appearing in France.

Amnesty International, Redhac, Reporters sans frontières are other organizations cited on Tuesday by the Minister of Communication.

This coalition, including the network of allegedly charitable NGOs – be it Amnesty International, International Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, Commitee to Protect Journalists, Human Rights Network in Central Africa, or even Reporters sans frontières, to name but a few, is only the face of Hydra. This coalition, I said, must know that the Cameroonian people are not fooled by their collusion and their destabilizing aims, “said the Minister of Communication.

He announced, in the wake, that the organization International Crisis Group will no longer have authorization to conduct its activities in Cameroon.

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