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The Village Committee of Bamunka invites Philemon Yang’s delegation to dialogue with the Governing Council of Southern Cameroons

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  • They gave a number of conditions before the resumption of classes in the dicision.

The locality of Bamunka in Ngokentunjia dicision, Northwest region, has just reported on the working visit made by the delegation led by Prime Minister Philemon Yang in the region. To the delegation of Philemon Yang, Bamunka village committee members presented a list of 17 demands that the government should meet before resuming classes.

Above all, they call for the release of those arrested in the context of the Anglophone crisis, the demilitarization of the North West and South West regions and a federal system in Cameroon. “The government must comfort and compensate the families of those who have died and other victims,” the committee claims.

The members of this committee invite the Government to dialogue with the Governing Council of Southern Cameroons. Regarding the ongoing dialogue, it finds that the Government has made a bad choice on the quality of mediators sent to these regions.

The people no longer trust the elites of the Northwest and South West (elected or appointed),” they say while inviting Paul Biya to visit the English-speaking regions and give “a quick response” to the said crisis.

Classes will only be resumed in schools when the Government has engaged in a dialogue with the Governing Council with credible mediators and not with unreliable Anglophone elites,” said the Bamunka Village Committee.

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