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According to the ICG, some Cameroonians in the Far North “wish Boko Haram could dislodge Paul Biya from power”

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  • This new report by International Crisis Group (ICG) is published the day after the suspension of the Institution's activities in Cameroon by the Government.

Despite the suspension of its activities on the Cameroonian territory, the Belgian Non Governmental Organization (NGO), ICG, continues to send arrows towards Cameroon. In its latest report released Wednesday, October 25, 2017, ICG reports that some people in the Mayo Sava division have sought the help of the terrorist sect Boko Haram to dislodge Paul Biya from power.

Some in the Mayo Sava have also said that ” Boko Haram should come deliver them from Kafir (unbeliever) who is in Etoudi (the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon), “said the report while indicating that the sect tried from the outset of its abuses not to attack Muslims.

The organization also accuses Cameroon of not communicating enough about the war it has waged since May 2014 against the Nigerian sect. “The Cameroonian state does not communicate about the funds allocated to the war against Boko Haram. However, the budgets of the Ministry of Defense and the National Security delegation have increased from $ 305 to $ 420 million and from $ 130 to $ 145 million, respectively. Over the four years of conflict, budgeted security spending has increased by more than $ 500 million, “says ICG.

This report entitled “Far North of Cameroon: the puzzle of reconstruction in times of conflict” notes that the fight against the Boko Haram sect in the Far North, “the poorest region of the country, has exacerbated the already precarious economic situation and upset socio-economic roles “. The organization stresses that Cameroon’s war against Boko Haram since May 2014 “has only worsened the already precarious economic situation of the four million inhabitants” of the Far North.

Despite the economic difficulties experienced in the Far North, “the populations have shown a great capacity for adaptation and resilience that offers the Cameroonian government and international partners the opportunity to implement development policies that integrate diversity and fluidity of the economic traditions of this border region between Nigeria and Chad “.

The report says that Cameroonians had a crush of 2 billion CFA to help the 22,000 displaced in the Far North. “But these mechanisms of solidarity quickly showed their limit: indeed, the helping populations are breathless and become as vulnerable as the displaced populations,” regrets the NGO.

She finds that “the government has favored the security response and few concrete measures have been taken for economic recovery” in the Far North region. ICG indicates that the northern development emergency plan announced in June 2014 has “only” 78.8 billion CFA francs and is “well below the development needs of the area, evaluated at least 1 600 billion CFA francs (2.86 billion dollars) by the northern elite “.

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