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How Paul Biya manages the country’s affairs from Geneva in Switzerland (the 11th region)

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  • La Lettre du Continent reveals the working methods of the Head of State of Cameroon of his vacation in Switzerland.

In a survey published on October 25, 2017 entitled “Comment Biya préside depuis Genève, onzième région du paysLa Lettre du Continent tries to present Paul Biya‘s work day during his “private” stay in Switzerland.

Before returning to Yaoundé on October 21, the President of the Republic wanted “to make his return sound by an official statement of the presidency” which specified his time of arrival among others. The newspaper reports that “the restricted circle of personalities” who accompanied Paul Biya to Switzerland had returned to the Cameroonian capital a few days earlier. In this small circle, the newspaper quotes Mbella Mbella Lejeune (Minister of External Relations), Martin Belinga Eboutou (Cabinet Director), Luc Sindjoun (Special Adviser) and Paul Atanga Nji (National Security Council).

It notes that Paul Biya usually stays at the hotel with his wife Chantal Biya, his children as well as the domestic and security personnel. “About fifty people at least! “.

Paul Biya holds regular work sessions in his suite at the hotel where “only his camp aide Joseph Fouda has direct access“. The newspaper notes that the staff of the President of the Republic make shuttles between Geneva and Yaounde “with paraphors in hand“. It quotes in particular the cases of Jean Nkuete (Secretary General of the CPDM) and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh (Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic) in early October 2017.

If he drags on in Switzerland, the Cameroonian No. 1 takes care not to exceed forty days of absence from his country at the risk of triggering the constitutional provision of vacancy of power.” The newspaper finds that during the absence of Paul Biya, the Prime Minister who is from the North-West, receives no “high instructions” since Geneva. Paul Biya prefers to work with his confidants including Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

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