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Longue Longue & Lady Ponce on an unhealthy fight on social networks

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  • Via videos posted on social networks, the two stars do not stop calling out each other

Invited on the set of the television channel Vision 4 as part of the program Décryptage Friday, October 20, 2017, Lady Ponce was an answer to the artist Longuè Longuè who had previously treated her as “hypocrite“, “Illiterate” and other vulgarities in videos posted on social networks.

I’m not hypocritical, I do not like to see someone suffer, I do not like to see someone who is bad in his pulpit, but I can not support someone who insults a woman like Longue Longue did it at its first release from prison, said

Lady Ponce indicates that if a person disrespects her as Longue Longue did, she will do the same.

Longue Longue is a big brother that I always respected, but I’m sure my problem with him will be settled during a face to the face,

says the singer while warning her opponent that she is “always prepared” with her gorillas for her defense.

I’m prepared for once in my life,” she warns, adding that she will not follow the advice of her fans who will ask her to give up. “As I know that Longue Longue is a coward, he will speak enough “but in the face, he will not do anything,” she says. She concludes by saying that she does not rely on social networks to settle accounts with Longue Longue, “it will be in front” of him.

Longue Longue’s reaction was not long in coming. He posted the video below on the Internet:

It did not take more to create a chaos, Lady Ponce accusing the author of the hit tube “Ayo Africa” of homosexual inclinations:

Things have become so uncontrollable that Lady Ponce decided in the video below, to stop and apologize to her fans for “fooling around”:


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