Presidential candidate Olivier Bile to implement a 10 states federalism if elected president

The president of the Union for Fraternity and Prosperity intends to “rebuild the man“, “revolutionize the economy and the productive system” and “rebuild the institutions“, once the power conquered.

By officially declaring himself a solemn candidate for the 2018 Presidential Election, Dr. Olivier Bile, President of the Union for Fraternity and Prosperity (UPF), also took the opportunity to talk about the program he is carrying, and intends to implement  once arrived at the Unity Palace. It was on October 24, 2017 at the headquarters of his political party in Yaoundé, where he gave a press briefing. This is a 130-point government program. Composed of three chapters, “My government program is in 130 proposals” as Dr. Olivier Bile, aims respectively at “rebuilding the man”, “revolutionize the economy and the productive system” and “rebuild the institutions”.

Mutations, edition of October 25, 2017, notes that in the last chapter which focuses on the refoundation of institutions, “Olivier Bile is no secret example of his intention to settle definitively the Anglophone crisis.” His position on this point is clear: the president of the UPF is for contextualized federalism. “The option of the UFP is today that of a federalism contextualized and reconfigured on the basis of 10 federated states with a federal state regulator at the top,” he says. The Anglophone crisis undoubtedly has an important place in this program that the author considers exhilarating. We can understand the fact that the president of the UPF made his speech in English and French during his press briefing.

To briefly mention his candidacy, Olivier Bile evoking his motivations, indicated that

I am a candidate because I want to realize the wonderful and very enthusiastic project of positive transformation of our country (…) I am a candidate because I think I have the youth, energy, spiritual, moral and intellectual skills that my country so critically needs at the moment.

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