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The Cameroonian Army engages in a vast operation to secure Faro National Park in the Northern Region

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  • Hundreds of Cameroonian soldiers and gendarmes are engaged in the mission of securing the Faro National Park and the western border with Nigeria
  • A mission of Operation Emergence 3, scheduled to last two months.
  • It officially started on October 9th and should end on December 9th, 2017.

This is to rid the Faro National Park of illegal miners, kidnappers, poachers and especially armed groups from Gashaka Gumti Park,” said a source in the Cameroonian army. These armed men are several hundred Boko Haram fighters, according to other sources. They would be the ones who have long raged in the Nigerian state of Adamawa. The Gashaka Gumti National Park is the largest in Nigeria and has an extension in Cameroon which is the Faro National Park.

According to the newspaper Le Jour in kiosque Monday, October 23, 2017, it is almost fortuitously that groups of fighters who settled there find themselves “wander” in the Cameroonian territory. The Cameroonian space was previously unguarded. Since 2014, ecoguards and other shepherds and poachers have reported the very disturbing presence of these men equipped with heavy weapons.

The new hosts of this “bush” without supervision were quiet. “They have been there for years, they have their base in Mana, they come and go. They do not hunt like poachers and do not attack flocks like roadblocks or kidnappers. To see them react violently, it is necessary to approach their base which they defend fiercely, “confides an observer to the newspaper.

The concerns of the armed group seem political. On January 31, it is reported, they attacked and killed four members of a UN mission near Koncha. They violently repelled the BIR soldiers who were pursuing them, wounding some of them.

Since then, the high command has taken seriously the testimonies of ecoguards and poachers. In anticipation of another UN mission to further demarcate the border, the commander of the 3rd Joint Military Region (RMIA 3) mounted this mission.

In addition to the 31st Motorized Infantry Brigade (BRIM), there are air force aircraft flying over the park frequently, riflemen from the Navy who control the landing points on the Faro River, the gendarmerie. to whom the detainees are handed over, the intelligence services and the BIR should take action too, “the paper concludes.

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