Cameroon to pair property tax payment with monthly electricity bill payment

For a better efficiency in the recovery of the property tax, on which the Cameroonian public treasury seems more and more count to increase the revenue, the government prepares to couple the payment of this tax to the monthly payment of the electricity bills.

The land tax is collected by twelfth by electricity distribution companies, when billing consumption to subscribers owners. Under no circumstances can the payment of the electricity bill be dissociated from that of the property tax, “reads the 2018 Finance Bill, which will be submitted to Parliament for approval, during this month of November 2017.

For tenants, the bill specifies that “upon presentation of its lease contract duly registered, the tenant benefits from an automatic deduction of property tax improperly established on his behalf and included in his consumption bill electricity.

Clearly, tenants not subject to the payment of the property tax are now required to claim a lease from their lessor and have it registered by the tax authorities, to be able to show white lining to the agents in charge of the collection of the property tax.

Long ignored by taxpayers and the tax administration itself, it was only during the 2015 fiscal year that the Cameroonian tax authorities focused on the collection of this tax (only in the cities of Yaounde and Douala ).

In 2016, in order to encourage property owners to pay property tax (now widespread throughout the country), the Cameroonian government decreed an amnesty, counting for previous years, all taxpayers who would start pay the property tax that year.

2017 Exercise marked the end of this amnesty. Originally scheduled for March 2017, the deadline for payment of property tax in Cameroon was returned to September 30, to allow the largest number of taxpayers not to fall under penalties of up to 100% of the amount to be paid.

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