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Cameroon issues international arrest warrants for 15 secessionist leaders

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  • According to our colleague Le Jour, files to this effect have been prepared and given to the international police in a single phase.

In its edition of November 8, 2017, the daily newspaper Le Jour reveals that the authorities have just issued international arrest warrants for a fortnight leaders of the secessionist group. To be precise these mandates concern the activists involved in the current events in the two English-speaking regions namely the North-West and South-West. “The exclusive information obtained by Le Jour shows files prepared, edited and transmitted to the international police in a single phase. The preparation of the mandates in question mobilized senior police, the gendarmerie, the judiciary, as well as special agents “before but especially after 22 September 2017,” says the newspaper.

The daily, which says it has not obtained the list of targeted activists, says that, however, according to a Cameroonian police official Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, the leader of the secessionists is “naturally” concerned. According to the source of our colleague, the latter “is among the sponsors of acts of violence against schoolchildren and security agents“. There is also Wilfried Tassang, founding member of the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, dissolved by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD). He would be quite active in the government set up by the secessionists.

Le Jour underlines that the issuance of international arrest warrants was previously the subject of much discussion between Yaounde and some Western capitals. This suggests that the extradition of the targeted secessionists could be done.

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1 thought on “Cameroon issues international arrest warrants for 15 secessionist leaders”

  1. This will be the most interesting arrest warrant ever issued by a government. I hope it is true. I hope they don’t back down and insist on pursuing this matter to its logical end.

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