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A CPDM Senator asks his son who’s a colonel to kill at least 30 anglophones in the SW Region.

It’s an exclusive information from the investigative journalist Boris Bertolt. Yesterday the Conference of Presidents was held in the Senate. For almost two weeks now, the SDF has been blocking the parliament and calling for the inclusion of the Anglophone crisis on the agenda for the November session. A claim that currently receives opposition from the ruling CPDM party.

Yesterday, before the opening of the Conference of Presidents, CPDM Senator of the Ntem Valley, Samuel Obam Assam got up from his seat and went to find Jean Tsomelou, President of the SDF parliamentary group in his seat and told expressed his opposition to their approach. Tension rose. Then Samuel Obam said that his son is a colonel in the army and currently on a mission in the southwest.

He added: “I just phoned him and told him that I do not want to see his body coming back. That he himself has to kill 30 Anglophones and I have the means to defend him at the military court. The country belongs to us “.

Samuel Obam Assam made these serious remarks by tapping on the back of Jean Tsomelou. The situation degenerate when the CPDM Senator clarified that the dialogue that the SDF is asking for will not happen because the senators and MPs are secessionist. It is then that a sharp altercation started between the two men. They were separated by other senators and security guards.

Upon arrival, the situation was exposed to Niat Njifendi, Speaker of the Senate. The latter replied that he was not there when the events occurred and therefore can not say anything.


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