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Torture and prostitution: a young Cameroonian lady tells her ordeal in Libya

Sarah, a 30-year-old Cameroonian, has been in Libya for a year with her 8-year-old son and a few months old daughter. First incarcerated, she is now forced to prostitution in a house in Tripoli and is fighting to return to her country. She delivers her shocking testimony to InfoMigrants.

I left Cameroon because it was a pain for me. Pregnant with my second child, I wanted to be able to take care of them in good conditions, to offer them a future in Europe. I was not supposed to be in Libya, my goal was Italy. But I was stopped along the way, probably because I have black skin and that is the fate we are experiencing here.

It will soon be a year since I was in Libya with my children, my husband stayed in Cameroon with my mother. I spent about nine months in jail where I was tortured again and again to force my family to send money. They asked us for 800,000 CFA francs [about 1,200 euros, Editor’s note]. My relatives spent months sending them money, but it was never enough. I was forced to give birth to my daughter in prison under horrible conditions. My baby and I did not receive any necessary care after delivery. Obviously, there was no doctor for me on the spot, I suffered a lot.

One day, the prison man asked me to take my children and follow him. He made me go out. But another gentleman who introduced himself as his brother or colleague took us to his home in Tripoli. I have been stuck here for more than two months because he asks me to pay for transportation between the prison and his house. I lack 70,000 CFA [about 100 euros, Ed], I have no money, my family has nothing left either. So I am locked in a room with children, I am forced to sleep with friends of the gentleman who come to visit him. We are fed from time to time, but we are hungry, the children are scared, they cry a lot and need care. I do not even have diapers for my daughter.

I hold on, I have no choice. All I want is to go back to Cameroon and try to rebuild myself at home, with my relatives. I would like to be repatriated, but I’m lost, I do not know how to do it, how to get out of here …

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