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Patrice Nganang says he is for Secession.

In an interview with the newspaper Défis Actuels on newsstands this Friday, January 12, 2018, Patrice Nganang decides on his position in the Anglophone crisis. “Anglophones have the divine right to defend themselves, and many have chosen secession. I as a citizen, I am at their Left, that I have always told them, that I am more radical than themselves, and therefore, I am for secession, “says he.

Arrested in Cameroon on 6 December 2017 for “contempt of association”, then released and expelled to the United States on 27 December of the same year, Patrice Nganang returned to the conditions of his arrest and deportation. He describes his arrest as “fantastic.” “But basically, when I think about it, I tell myself that it is the testament of the importance given to writers in my country. Because never a politician, a public man, or any other person had been treated like that. My arrest took place already under special conditions.”

I was picked at the Douala airport, in an international zone, and driven alone in a police van in Yaoundé, with five bodyguards around me. My release was then epic, orchestrated by the Secretary of State for Penitentiary Affairs, in dark glasses, with the prison governor and his deputy, the director of the Judicial Police and his deputies, on the phone with the Minister of Justice and other ministers, a whole parterre, an almost presidential convoy, with bodyguards in hoods, pointing their rifles at the city, and a biker in front. I do not think anyone has ever been treated like that in Cameroon, and still wonder why, “says the writer who currently lives in the United States.

To the question of what he intends to do to regain his Cameroonian nationality, Nganang replies: “Nothing at all, because I have not been deposed, my passport was simply seized, for no reason in fact, because there was no charge anywhere against me for illegal immigration. The one that was formulated in passing during my arrest was quickly abandoned, and as we know, all the charges against me were abandoned by the public prosecutor, approved by the judge. But I will not do anything with this diet. The next government will give me my passport, because Biya will flee very soon.


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