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Anglophone crisis: The military men deployed to fight secessionists complain of salty rice they eat everyday

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  • The latter also claim to be weaned for some time from their daily "pocket allowance" which amount to 2000 FCFA.

Defense elements deployed in the northwestern and southwestern regions to wage war against secessionists complain about their treatment. This is the newspaper Repères on newsstand Wednesday, February 7, 2018 which reveals the evil being of the Cameroonian military.

We are given cold meals, it is a meal of war, inedible, soto rice that comes in cans and has too much salt, we have trouble to eat. It comes in small boxes containing two cans. Inside the small equipment they give there are matches to warm up. What annoys us is that it’s the same meal every day. The excess of salt that in the meals makes consumption, even if one wanted to force it, very difficult, “says a soldier interviewed by the newspaper.

Repères also reveals that in the Northwest and South West, the bonuses dedicated to the daily food ration is a problem, especially since, according to testimony, it has not been regular for some time. Indeed, since January 30th, a source told the newspaper, the military are weaned from the pocket allowance they are often given and which amount to 2000 FCFA per day.

That’s why we are given this cold meal that gives diarrhea to many comrades. And even these 2000 francs can not allow a soldier to be fit, energetic, the cost of living is very high here. These 2000 francs are very, but then very insufficient. Since the population knows that we are the army, suddenly, a dish that costs 500 FCFA is sold at 1000 francs. And so if we take a meal of 1000 francs in the morning, another in the afternoon around 1pm/2pm, we must be sure that the night is fasting, “says a soldier under anonymity.

And to continue: “We must not lose sight that we are very mobile, which digs the stomach. If at least we were allowed to withdraw our money all the time, we would certainly have fewer problems. Those who have credit cards do not have too many problems, they are forced to make withdrawals to improve their living conditions.”

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