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Cameroon: Meet the school of shame in Guinnadji, Far-North Region

Created for since years, this secondary school is desperate for buildings.

Surrealistic images in the locality of Guinnadji located in the Maroua III subivision, Diamaré division, Far-North region. This small town is located about twenty kilometers from Maroua, capital of this region.

At the beginning of the year of 2018 when cold dictates its law, the forty students of CES Guinnadji in the canton of Balaza, take their lessons in open air. They have to scramble to find a place where the sun’s rays can ease the severe cold that is raging right now.

From 6eme (Form I) to 3eme (Form IV), the decor is the same. No office for the teacher. Even less space to move. And it is outside that one must fill the logbook. Worse, UNHCR hangars are regularly stolen by vandals. Four years that this situation lasts.

Located right on the road that leads to Pétté, the Guinnadji CES, says the principal, is the object of all the curiosities of the passers-by. Many do not hesitate to take pictures in front of these sheds that serve as classrooms. In “these classrooms” where the attention and serenity of students are disturbed by what is happening outside, are blackboards of any size. Four table-benches welcome 8 students in 6eme (Form I) and 10 students in 5eme (Form II).

The Form III class has 02 tables-benches for six students while in the Form IV, there are 9 students for 5 tables-benches. Absenteeism and school dropout are, among other things, are the problems faced by school officials. “We are obligated to coax the pupils to maintain them, we can not hold them rigorous for the absences, but rather to make them constantly aware of the merits of the school despite all these difficulties,” said the principal of the school.

Outside, a tree of a relative size serves as administrative block. It is here that on motorcycles, the teaching and administrative staff fill out the logbooks, that the bursar issues receipts for payment of various fees payable by the students, and that the principal signs the administrative documents. “That’s what the college looks like,” says the head of the school, who receives us under the tree, not far from a few concrete posts that have emerged from the ground and are obviously abandoned.


According to our information, this building, which is currently at a standstill, is a hangar construction project initiated by the Balaza Township Development Committee. It had been launched on the eve of the contacting tour, in the canton, of the DO of the Maroua III subdivision. Unfortunately, the hopes of the people to see the completion of the construction of a permanent shed for their children, will be as brief as the visit of the chief of land.

Housseini Gadjama, a teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science, recruited locally to make up for the lack of teachers, is formal. “We have no choice but to accompany them, our only motivation is that these children are willing and enthusiastic for learning,” he says.

For learners, there is no question of letting go. “We are in our village, we have to go to school in spite of the difficulties, it is not easy, but nothing can be obtained without effort and without sacrifices, if our teachers have left their families to Come and teach us the lessons, we have the duty not to discourage them, “said Clarisse Mairouskou Bamou, a student in the Form IV. Like others of her comrades, her goal remains the same: to pass the BEPC this year.

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