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[photo]Paul Biya’s signature allegedly falsified to appoint the Constitutional Council of Cameroon

Who signed the decree appointing the members of the all-new Constitutional Council of Cameroon? This is the great question in the mind of many Cameroonians after the publication on social networks images of a likely falsification of the signature of Paul Biya.

Indeed, a comparative analysis of the Cameroonian president’s signature on the decree appointing Clément Atangana’s team to that of previous decrees clearly shows a great difference that provokes debate and questioning. Several Internet users had questioned this exit ‘attributed’ to Paul Biya who has been missing for a few weeks now.

The authenticity of this decree revives the debate on the state of health of Paul Biya. According to rumors, the first Cameroonian would be in a very bad shape. And the appointment of members of the Constitutional Council whose role is to note the vacancy of power, in case of inability of the president to assume his duties, makes us believe that the “after Biya” has been engaged.

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