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5,000 Tons Of Equipment Arrive In Douala for the Japoma Stadium

The material comprises pre-manufactured slaps, moulds for their local production and cranes for erecting them among other things.

A ship known as ‘Team Spirit” ducked at the Douala Port on Wednesday night with some five thousand tons of building material and equipment destined for the construction of the Japoma stadium which is scheduled to host some group games of the 2019 AFCON. The equipment comprised pre-cast concrete, moulds for casting concrete locally and cranes for uplifting them among many other things.

According to the chief of logistics and customs for Yenigun company, Mustafa Kalayciuglo, the equipment consist of 75 pieces of precast concrete with a total weight of 500 tons, two mobile Crowley cranes with lifting capacities of 80 and 120 tons respectively, and 32 containers of assorted building material including iron, spare parts for the cranes and other heavy machinery.

The customs relay officer for Yenigun construction company, Etong Lucien Abel said even before the arrival of the ship, he had contacted the Ports Authorities to do the necessary paper works and also to be given pride of place to duck as there were many other ships at sea waiting to be given the authorization to duck.

Though the ship ducked late at night on Wednesday, by midday on Friday, they were almost complete with the offloading. “Everything is done fast so that the material should get to the construction site without any delay, said Etong Lucien. “We have mobilised more than 200 trucks for the operation and we are working with two offloading companies plus the Yenigum team. We have our own equipment to offload the ship,” he added.

It is worthy to note that this was the third ship arriving in Cameroon from Turkey with material for the construction of the Japoma stadium. The fourth consignment is expected to arrive in the country by the end of the month or early March. It would be recalled that 75 per cent of the precast was to be done in Turkey and 25 per cent on the spot in Cameroon.

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