Trinish McRolce Announces His New Track Chauffeur Only My Brain Works

Trinish McRolce is thrilled to announce the release of his second explicit single Chauffeur Only My Brain Works, from his start-up project Public Review available worldwide on 18/02/18.

Public Review is a project to get insight from his audience, to help him make better music.

For Chauffeur Only My Brain Works, he had to give up the energy of fear and substitute it with passion and hard work to create art with rap. Motivated by the works of beat makers also got him forward looking. He used the energy and message from these beats, combined with the sound to produce a piece of work that will thrill the listeners.

The beat for this track is sampled from Lil Wayne’s ft Lil Chucky’s “Before Tune Gets Back”, blended with a mix of string and wind instruments. Produced by Mr. Melody, “Chauffeur” is a piece of work of Hip Hop/Rap genre for the listener to use as a tool in the various challenges they come across.

Trinish McRolce is a Douala based up coming Recording Artist and Telecommunications Engineer who is passionate about music and mainly in the domain of  Rap genre. By applying a poetic language, he creates settings that generate masterfully crafted images. To get and give a clear idea about certain topics, McRolce focuses on new methods to ‘read the city’. He is optimistic about unraveling the mysteries around the Hip Hop/Rap genre music for a better appreciation by his listeners. His interests range from design to music, he is also interested in food, politics and wine.

[Quotes from critics].

There are much stops in the flow. … You get what I’m saying? Let the flow be smoother

[C. martial]

The voice you chose to use is good.The lyrics are good.The flow has sometimes you are faster than the beat(need to work on it).But overall good for someone who is just starting.

[DJ Bo(street 237 records)]

Man I had to smoke on it. … lyrics are good but you need to work on your layout. How you drop your  music, work on your vocals.

[Hasan Njoya ( a PR agent)]


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+Lyrics/Download/Social Info: @TrinishMcRolce

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Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: (+237) 671102626

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