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14 Wum Youths In Kondengui to Appear in Yaounde Military Court Today

14 youths from Wum in Wum Sub-Division, Menchum Division, North West, would in the hours ahead be arraigned in the military tribunal in Yaounde, Friday March 16, 2018. These civilians were arrested on separate days with some of the arrests dating as far back as Sunday January 24, 2016 following the burning down of the military garrisons in Wum.

On the above mentioned date, a soldier, Akame Eko Pierre shot and killed a biker in his shop. Ngong Leonard was shot and killed on spot at his beer parlour opposite the Municipal Grandstand in Wum. In retaliation, some youths stormed and set ablaze an old German camp at Upstation around the D.O’s residence that was being used as a military camp. The perpetrators of the crime had long disappeared from Wum.

As usual, forces of ‘Law and Order’ would arrive later to start arresting innocent civilians. Where did these officers learn their own investigation??? Who told them that people guilty of committing such crimes would stay back and wait to be arrested???, The National Telegraph questions.

Sources in Kondengui just filed in names of the fourteen detainees who would soon appear in court; 1) Afuhi Jarvis Ngouroy, 2) Njuh Kelly Kingsley, 3) Abang Modest Amih, 4) Nasser Fontoh, 5) Ngong Solos Wallang, 6) Ngong Canisius Yilo, 7) Kum Gerald Kang, 8) Ewi Alain Meeh, 9) Kangsen Nestor Mbah, 10) Lumba Bruno Nkemta, 11)Mih Marcel Amih, 12) Achuo Emmanuel Kum, 13) Tibi Vincent Tebug and 14) Chu Itie Frank.

These detainees together with the soldier accused to have orchestrated the ruckus have since their arrest only seen their cases moved from one adjournment to another… Today, they’ve gone down on bended knees in prayers calling on God to vindicate them, crying out loud that they’re innocent. Mancho Bibixy and others are also expected in today’s court session… Wouldn’t it be the beginning of resolving the Anglophone Crisis if these detainees were to be freed???

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