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The Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors give an ultimatum to authorities to leave Buea before April 20th

The creation of new armed groups in NW and SW causes worrying proportions to the Anglophone crisis. An armed group affiliated to the Ambazonian cause gives an ultimatum to the authorities of Buea to leave the city in the grip of insurrection.

In a message posted on media close to the Ambazonia Republic, the new group Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors sent a strong warning to the administrators residing in Buea to evacuate Buea before April 20.
According to the spokesman of the group, “unlike other restoration forces, we are capturing and keeping control, we are not guilty“.

He calls on the people of Buea and surrounding areas to stock food and other necessities and to stay at home. Days after April 20 will be long, he says.
According to him, this fight against the authorities of Buea is decisive in the war against the Republic of Cameroon. “We know that delivering our capital will not be a walk in the park, but we are ready.

The Ambazonians occupy NW and SW and lead since the declaration of war of Paul Biya a fierce battle against the army deployed in the English-speaking areas. Huge loss of life, especially for civilians and soldiers, frequent kidnappings of authorities, village fires … are the everyday life of Anglophones.

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