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“Sisiku AyukTabe is fine and has even gained some weight” – Atanga Nji

The minister of territorial administration gives the government’s response to the crazy rumors about the deaths of Julius Sisiku Ayuk and other members of the executive board of the ghost republic of Ambazonia.

Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration for just over a month, was yesterday Sunday, April 15, the guest of “Actualité Hebdo”, a weekend program broadcast on the Crtv.

The presenter, Ibrahim Cherif, invited his guest to comment on major national issues. For example, about the Anglophone crisis in which the South West and North West Regions have been plunged for 17 months, the minister was questioned about the situation of the leader of the Amazonian ghost state Julius Sisiku Ayuk and his lieutenants arrested in Nigeria and extradited to Yaoundé for four months now. Invisible since their arrest, these activists of the independence of the English-speaking regions have been executed according to rumors.

These secessionists are alive. When the time comes, the public will see them. Why are people in a hurry? They are there. Some secessionists extradited from Nigeria, who had 70 kilograms, now have 85 kilograms or even 90 kilograms. This is proof that they are well fed. In addition, there are doctors who go there (without specifying the places of their detention, ed), to watch them. So they are well treated, “said Minister Paul Atanga Nji.

Despite these claims by the Minister of Territorial Administration, relatives of secessionists arrested in Nigeria are still worried about the life and safety of the latter.

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